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"My aim with the H1 Hub was to develop a platform that condensed the last 20 years of my training and travelling around the world into simple to follow classes and tutorials. My intent was to also get you to move differently, to challenge you and to help to unpack a far deeper process than just "training" by exposing areas of weakness through diverse classes AND tutorials. The following classes are currently on the platform with 4-8 new classes added monthly."


  1. CARs Routine

  2. Corset Mobility

  3. Sun Salutation

  4. Short Mobility

  5. Front Splits Class

  6. Side Splits Class

  7. 9090 Bear Sit Class

  8. Express Handstand Warm Up

  9. Full Handstand Warm Up

  10. Lateral Hip Flow

  11. Shake Off Practice

  12. 5 in 5 routine

  13. Short mobility 2


  1. TRX Conditioning

  2. Corset Hip Sequence

  3. Wrist Conditioning

  4. Resistance Band Warm Up

  5. Short Handstand Conditioning

  6. Full Handstand Conditioning

  7. Mobility Club Follow Along

  8. Heavy Club Level 1 Upper

  9. Heavy Club Level 1 Lower


10. Kettlebell Long Cycle

11. Kettlebell Full Body

12. Kettlebell Lower Body

13. Kettlebell Circular

14. Kettlebell Hybrid




  1. Express Handstand Warm Up

  2. Full Handstand Warm Up

  3. Short Handstand Conditioning

  4. Full Handstand Conditioning

  5. Wrist Conditioning

  6. Hand Positioning

  7. Blocks

  8. Alignment Floor

  9. Alignment Standing

  10. Walls & Falls

  11. Split Entry

  12. Tuck Entry

  13. Straddle Entry

  14. Head Positioning

  15. Straddle Press

  16. Straddle Press Reps

  17. Transitions


  1. Filipino Single Stick Drill

  2. Filipino Single Stick Flow

  3. Filipino Double Stick Drill

  4. Jo Coordination Drill

  5. Single Mobility Club Mills

  6. Double Mobility Club Mills

  7. Single Club Forward Circles

  8. Mobility Club Advanced Drill

  9. System Check Dowel Drill






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  • What qualifications & experience do you have?
    I have studied, qualified & gained experience in the following; 15 Years Martial arts - 4th Dan Black Belt 10 Years Hand-balancing 20+ Years Calisthenics 17+ Years Kettlebells (instructor), Clubbells, Mace 10+ Years Regular "Breathwork" Practice Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) Functional Range Strength Coach (FRSC) Functional Range Assessment Specialist (FRAS) Functional Range System Attendance - Spine (Non Therapist) Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor Master Flexibility Trainer (ongoing) 500 RYT - Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Advanced Anatomy Fitness Instructor (2011) & Personal Trainer (2012) Former Royal Marine Commando (2005-2009) Former Firefighter (2010-2016) Open Water Rescue Qualifications Fast Response Driving etc Fitness Manager Samahita Retreat Thailand Additional Information Trainings attended - Miguel Santana (over years), Yuval Ayalon, Ido Portal Method, Richard Freeman, Paul Dallaghan, Tom Weksler & Matt Mulligan, Tim Manfeld, Kino McGregor, Dylan Werner, Filipino Martial Arts Camps.
  • What skills & methods do you teach?
    The easy answer - calisthenics, hand balancing, mace, clubs, kettlebells, free weights, martial arts based drills, functional range conditioning and internal strength methods etc. The more honest answer - I teach a wide range of different skills drawn from my experience listed in the qualifications & experience section. I have found huge value in being able to utilise methods from varying disciplines to provide the best results possible for those I work with. Many get tunnel vision when learning any new skill or developing existing ones. However, we are all human & if your spine, shoulder or hip doesn't work THAT is what I will focus on improving alongside a bespoke training programme, based on in depth assessments. Repeating the skill & adding more volume IS NOT the best way to learn efficiently nor the best in regards to preventing injury. More is not better ... Better is better! We pick goals you are looking to attain, assess you and target weak points to help unlock trapped potential. My aim is to teach you how to utilise these concepts for life so that beyond our time working together you have a strong, resilient body that can attain incredible things for years to come.
  • Do I need access to a gym?
    No not at all, but I do cater for this as well. Over the years I have provided programmes for people who travel with zero equipment available to those who have access to incredible gyms with every piece of equipment imaginable available to them. This is all dealt with as part of your questionnaire & monthly check in. It is also important to note that I adapt your programme to your life - if you travel, move home, get a new job, have to reduce training time or any other circumstances change - this will be catered for so that you can continue to train & develop regardless of life pressures.
  • Can I arrange 1-2-1 in person coaching with you?
    Yes, many who partake in online coaching with me regularly meet up with me or fly over to train. If this is something that appeals to you please let me know or you are welcome to join me on one of my events abroad.
  • How much feedback will I receive?
    The level of feedback will depend on which programme option you decide to choose, many like to be left to their training, others like more help. I decided to create four options to cater for this. Prior to all video call check-ins I will encourage you to send as many tutorials as possible which we will go through. I will show how to improve on each & provide actionable home work to work on over the next phase & beyond. Following the call you will receive your new programme with; tutorials, links & a full in depth overview video to provide the most detailed coaching possible. Three of the four coaching options also include regular check-ins via WhatsApp this means that videos can be sent at any time for form checks & guidance to help you improve.
  • Am I too old to start?
    I have trained people from the ages of 8 to 78 over the last 15 years, you are never too old to make a difference. If you are here, changes can be made.
  • Do you offer nutrition advice?
    I am not a qualified nutritional therapist, nutrionist or dietician. However I can provide links to great information that I have utilised over the years & recommend good friends of mine that are incredibly knowledgable in this field at very reasonable prices.
  • Why are some plans more expensive than others?
    I have two main brackets - single discipline and multiple discipline and the plus brackets. The reason that these are different prices is due to a couple of reasons. 1) When designing a single discipline plan everything is driven towards a specific skill, this takes less time to program, is less complex and easier to implement. When designing a multiple discipline programme there is far more to comprehend. Programmes like this have to incorporate many factors to enable you to develop different skills at the same time. These programmes are also a lot longer in length, take far longer to design and are more complex. 2) The plus brackets basically bolt on a number of expensive additions at a low price. These extras provide more detail but also provide you the option to use the non-plus option partake in a detailed fitness programme at a cost effective price. The plus programmes also include more frequent check-ins (4 weekly instead of 6 weekly). All of these programmes are designed to enable you to achieve great results regardless what option you choose.
  • Cancellation Policy
    I generally request that we work together for at least 90 days ... this gives us the opportunity to; run full assessments, install great habits, make changes and provide results that last far beyond our time together. If you need to cancel for any reason - drop me a message and I will action this on the day of request, you will not be billed for any further payments.

"I have been seeing Dave for 7 years now and he has completely changed my body & mindset. The results are fantastic & every session is full of new movements & knowledge.


I would recommend him to anyone who wants to use their body to its full potential & to those who want to enjoy their life without injury or fatigue, BRILLIANT!"



"Dave's holistic & multi dimensional approach to not just movement but health, wellbeing & longevity is amazing and demonstrated how researched & well read his methods are.


Dave is the definition of practicing what you preach, his dedication to keep learning and challenging his beliefs for the benefits go both his clients & his own personal practice is inspiring."


"The increases and improvements I have made in my flexibility, strength, and conditioning are incredible and are a direct result of David's tuition.


David is consistent, focused, detail orientated, friendly and most importantly never stops learning which makes him a fantastic teacher & I would recommend to anyone!"


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